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This Is Who We Are

Tommorow Products is a supplier and distributor of bio-degradble and compostable packaging material. We cater to all types of businesses in the food industry no matter what the size. 

Some of The Products We Offer

Take Out Containers

We supply take-out containers from raw materials such as Kraft Paper. It is user friendly for food markets, food trucks and delis.


The straws are manufactured from PLA. It looks, feels and functions exactly like a regular straw. Stocks available in different sizes and comes in the colour of  green or clear.

Bio Cups

We have an extensive range of bio cups with a range of different sizes and designs for all food  vendors.  

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What Sustainability Means To Us

Before we discuss sustainability perhaps it would be best to understand its meaning.

“Sustainability is  the avoidance of the depletion of natural resources in order to maintain an ecological balance.”

When we created Tomorrow Products we did so to save the planet from human pollution. However it does not mean that one evil can hide another. When we manufacture our products we make sure to that we use sustainable resources and ensure that we do not deplete the natural resources that we are trying to protect. If you’re interested go through our list of raw materials and see exactly how we strive for sustainability.

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